About Univoto

Welcome to University Otolaryngology, Univoto. We are here to provide patients with up-to-date solutions for a wide array of ear, nose, and throat-related health conditions. We are much more than your typical neighborhood ENT practice. With specialized training and years of experience our team treats even the most challenging conditions.
We are a team of highly qualified doctors & physician assistants with decades of experience. Univoto also has many doctors who subspecialize in particular fields.

About Us

University Otolaryngology has served the Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts areas for over 50 years. As a specialized care provider for all types of Otolaryngological issues, we have become a regional leader. As a practice that is a collection of doctors specializing in various fields of ENT-related illnesses, we cover a broad range of treatments, therapies, and services that have made us stand out in the industry.
Not only are we a leading provider of specialized care for the entire tri-state area, but we have also become a resource for other providers to send their patients when they need treatment for unique or complicated ENT cases.

Our Unique Approach

What sets us apart at University Otolaryngology is our commitment to quality care grounded in tradition and service. 

Many of our doctors have subspecialties that allow us to treat conditions that many other practices cannot. Our use of modern-day technology, in combination with the tools and techniques that have been in service for years, allows us to keep up a standard of care that is above and beyond other clinics.

We are patient-centric, using tools like online payment management, telemedicine, and digital record-keeping to make it possible for every patient to get the help they need. If you’re looking for the best in ENT care in Rhode Island, Connecticut, or Massachusetts, check out our treatment options and services or call us to find out more.

We are a team of highly qualified doctors & physician assistants with decades of experience. Univoto also has many doctors who subspecialize in particular fields.

Who We Are

We are a team of highly qualified doctors and physician assistants with decades of combined experience. In addition to having general ENTs, Univoto also has many doctors who subspecialize in particular fields of otolaryngology so that we can treat patients facing the most complex ENT problems. Our group consists of ten physicians and one physician assistant , covering 4 subspecialties (Pediatric, Neuro-Otology, Facial Plastics and Reconstructive, Oto-Neurology), and serving the largest demographic of any ENT practice in the region.

Some of the many unique benefits of our practice:

We are a team of highly qualified doctors & physician assistants with decades of experience. Univoto also has many doctors who subspecialize in particular fields.

Why Choose Us

Univoto is more than a team of highly skilled professionals. We treat our patients like family and use every option at our disposal to achieve positive outcomes–including the latest technology and modern treatments. We proudly offer telemedicine consultations and in-person visits to help patients access the medical care they need. We understand that optimal care means combining exceptional treatment with convenience and results. We are here for our patients throughout every step of your treatment process.
Reach out to us to schedule your consultation so you can begin your journey toward overall wellness.


When it comes to diagnosing and treating illnesses and disorders in the field of Otolaryngology, we are proud to be a leader in Rhode Island and the surrounding region.
We combine the latest in technology with grounded practices, and we have a team of 10 physicians covering nine subspecialties in ENT medicine. Together our team is some of the brightest minds in medicine, allowing us to provide a higher quality of care for our patients. Many of our team members are also important medical community positions in Rhode Island, including holding the positions of Chief of ENT for Rhode Island Hospital and Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Director of Pediatric ENT for Hasbro Children’s Hospital and Director of the ENT Clinic at RIH/Hasbro. These roles and hospital affiliations allow us access to testing and services you won’t find elsewhere.
We are a team of highly qualified doctors & physician assistants with decades of experience. Univoto also has many doctors who subspecialize in particular fields.
We are a team of highly qualified doctors & physician assistants with decades of experience. Univoto also has many doctors who subspecialize in particular fields.
Our doctors are all highly trained and have years of expertise in various specialties. Several of our staff and lead doctors are fellowship trained. This allows us to not only treat a wide array of ear, nose, and throat disorders, but we have the capacity to diagnose even the rarest.
We are committed to bringing the best possible care with the most up-to-date treatments to our patients while treating each person like an individual and a valued part of the community.

Andrew E. Burchard, MD, FACS

President of University Otolaryngology

Subspecialty: Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery President of University Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery Director of Rhode Island Hospital Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery Ambulatory Clinic

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Henry F. Taylor

Financial Controller
Henry utilizes his over 40 years of experience in various industries as a senior level controller to manage all aspects of finances for the practice. Univoto was pleased to welcome him to the team in 2021, and in that time, he has streamlined our financial operations and helped the group reach many important milestones. He can be reached at 401-626-3769 and htaylor@univoto.net.

Amber Soucy-Comforti

Practice Administrator
Amber has over 20 years of experience in the medical field and has been with the practice since 2016. She is a certified professional coder and utilizes her Bachelor’s of Health Administration, along with her many years of experience to manage all HR and operational matters for the practice. She enjoys creating a ‘family environment’ and ‘team approach’ to managing our Univoto team. She can be reached at 401-626-3785 and asoucy@univoto.net.
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Natalia Nunez

Billing Manager & IT Director
Natalia utilizes her plethora of experience in both finance and operations to manage our billing department. She welcomes the opportunity to assist our patients and is great at helping to ease their concerns and provide direction in the increasingly confusing world of medical billing. She also oversees IT for the practice and can assist with any concerns relating to IT operations. She can be reached at 401-626-3708 and nnunez@univoto.net.

Kathy Proulx

Clinical Manager
Kathy is a certified Medical Assistant and has served overseeing our clinical departments for almost a decade. She comes with many years of experience in the medical field and in the specialty of ENT, specifically. She is known to be very understanding and a ‘calming presence’ to our patients. She oversees our allergy department, triage department, our medical assistants and our front-end staff. She can be reached at 401-626-3764 and kproulx@univoto.net.
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Shannon Anderson

Assistant Clinical Manager

Shannon started as an MA with Univoto back in 2015 and soon became a standout member of our team.  She is extremely smart and intuitive with our patients and our physicians and PA’s quickly came to love working with her.  Unfortunately, she had to move on to explore other career opportunities during Covid.  We were overjoyed to have her rejoin our team in 2024, as a member of our clinical management team!  Shannon can be reached at 401-626-3766 or sanderson@univoto.net

Wanda Pillier

Non-Clinical Manager

Wanda has been with the practice since 2015 and in that time has been able to utilize her expertise in medical management to streamline and improve our back-end operations. She oversees our call center, surgical coordinators, referrals department, orders coordinators, audiology coordinator and helps to manage our office schedule. She is known to be the ‘go to’ person to assist patients with their scheduling concerns and enjoys the opportunity to resolve and overcome challenges. She can be reached at 401-626-3794 and wpillier@univoto.net.
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Tammy Polanco

Front End Supervisor & Medical Records Liaison
Tammy is a standout employee with our practice who always demonstrates initiative to help our patients and improve operations. Her drive to help patients has pushed her as she currently works to obtain her degree in nursing. She enjoys helping the staff she oversees to guide them through challenges and thereby assure positive outcomes for our patients. Tammy oversees the day-to-day operations of our front desk and also oversees all medical records requests for the practice. She can be reached at 401-626-3762 and tpolanco@univoto.net

Kathleen Pow Chamorro

Audiology Receptionist

Kathy was promoted to our audiology liaison after years with the practice as dedicated employee, demonstrating stellar patient service and a commitment to excellence. She assists patients with all aspects of our audiology department including scheduling, hearing aid maintenance and hearing aid benefit determinations. She works hard to ensure patients can rest assured that they have the information they need to be empowered in choosing their hearing aid technology. She can be reached at 401-626-3747 and kchamorro@univoto.net
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Keri Cosme

Balance Lab Lead
Keri has worked closely with Dr. Melissa Ramocki in our Center for Vestibular & Balance Disorders since 2016. She is very committed to helping patients who are dealing with complex balance disorders, and is known to be a kind, helping hand, in that department to our patients. She takes the lead in overseeing scheduling, records requests, and all other day to day operations of the balance lab. She can be reached at 401-626-3754 and kcosme@univoto.net

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